allows our children to explore and expand their curiosity

Kids need to be critical thinkers who show higher order thinking skills, examine, compare, comparison, make inferences, and may make sense of information. The capacity to analyze problem or a situation is a vital ability as we continue to embrace technologies and its need is only going to grow. As a tutor or a parent, our purpose is to ask our children open ended. This allows our children to explore and expand their curiosity. How Do You Develop Critical Thinking Skills in Your Children? Provide ample opportunities for drama – Read novels to them – Go hiking or have a nature walk with them – Encourage sequencing and organize activities by Engaging them in daily chores such as cooking or doing laundry – Encourage STEAM actions – Do not interfere quickly – let them try to discover the answer to their issue first – Ask open ended questions – Assist kids develop hypotheses or the cause and impact – Encourage critical planning in new and unique ways – Suggested Games To Improve Critical Thinking Skills – The very interesting way to boost your child’s critical thinking skill is to engage him\/her in games.

These games may help enable the next generation of innovators and make critical thinkers! – 1. Match The Colored Popsicle Sticks Game – Find precisely the corresponding stripes of same colour pattern dots, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Children have to match the patterns of colour dots on the popsicle sticks to which on the egg carton. Materials – Color card stocks to create dots or you may get colour dot stickers too. Pencils – Scissor – Adhesive stick – Egg carton – Popsicle sticks – The way to Make – Cut colour dots from the coloured card stocks. Or use coloured dot stickers.

Paste the coloured dots on the egg – Cardboard as shown in the pictures. You may do it in any order. Then have a piece of popsicle stick and glued 3 coloured dots on it in accordance with the pattern on the egg carton. Make a couple of coloured sticks in accordance with the patterns on the egg carton. Make precisely the dot patterns on precisely the popsicle sticks cautiously in order that they coincide with precisely the patterns on precisely the egg carton either vertically or horizontally or diagonally. How to Play – Give the popsicle sticks to your child and ask him\/her to find out the exact same or the matching pattern on the egg carton.

Ask him to look for a coincide with carefully. He\/she can look for the matching pattern either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. This game would be fun, educational, and great for abstract planning. Fill precisely the Cupcakes in Proper Order – Objective – Put precisely the colour foam blocks in precisely the cupcake box in precisely the same order as precisely the activity cards illustrate.

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