Basketball Rules

The objective of a basket ball game is score more points. Teams score by putting the basket ball in the hoop. Unless it is beyond the line teams score two points for a basket. A team receives one point for every free throw made following a violation that is foul or rules. When there’s excessive contact between players, a foul can be called. This is known as one and a basket! – If a Participant is fouled while not in the process of shooting the ball is in bounded by his team without shooting at any shots. Teams get the bonus when either: The team is charged with more or five group fouls in a quarter – The team has two or more of any quarter in the final two minutes, although less than five team fouls.

The bonus doesn’t carry over from quarter to quarter. Players are needed to remain behind the lines until the ball has left the hand that was shooters. The shooter should wait before stepping over the line until ball strikes the rim. The shooter misses, and in case the team has a lane violation, he receives another effort. Teams may receive a technical foul for rules violations, for example, a 3 violation. Technical fouls result from the team and after that getting the ball. Since the shooters team will obtain the ball no matter the outcome of the shot, players don’t line up along the lane as from a typical free throw. The team manager determines which player will shoot the technical, from the players on the court at time the foul was called. This is Michael Jordan, a 26 year old guy.

In addition to my study and part time job, I am enthusiastic about playing basket ball, biking and exercising.

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