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Casino Dealer – I work in an Indian casino in the Midwest. Theyre almost everywhere at this point. I deal all sorts of games blackjack so people can play against a trader rather than against each other and any of these poker games theyve invented. As a result, such as, with no version of Texas Holdem, and 3 card poker and 4 card poker, and things like something called Casino War. Why youd need to play with these things, god knows, but you can. People such as these games in poker that is real theres of trying to read what the players do this psychology. 

You don’t have to do that you’re playing the casino variant against the trader. If anyones anything or bluffing, you don’t have to guess. All you need to do is determine if you have an extremely good hands or not. Those who play poker would say thats silly since against you, the odds are from the games against the trader. While if you are playing poker against real people and you are good at reading them, you can in fact win. But many people play against the house knowing the house has the edge, like they don’t believe it acting on some level. 

Individuals are weird. Really weird. Obviously, thats impossible. We do not shuffle. The machine shuffles. The players appear to think that we play and can cheat and they come in. Thats the thing this blows me away. They believe were ripping them off, plus they still come in and take a seat and play for hours? Ive worked here around 4 and a half years. The casino itself can be a very large 3 story building. We’ve a hotel next how to it thats 20 stories high. You may see it for miles. We’ve an employee entrance, and you go in, you put your uniform on. 

Everybody who works here who is not some kind of manager has a certain colorful sort of uniform so that you can tell exactly what they do. Table game dealers, slot attendants, cashiers. Waiters and waitresses and you will find very different ones for each restaurant. The housekeepers, they wear black so that they do not get dirty. They’ve a road map set up on the wall. You won’t know till you arrive there. Theres always a little surprise. Most games you cope standing up. They’ve a few take a seat blackjack tables because you get individuals in wheelchairs and such that wants to play, and they are attempting to be accommodating. But thats it. Everything else I do can be standing up, which can be tiring. You need to learn to filter a great deal of stuff out if you wish to concentrate.

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